Plastic Chains Conveyor Belting

Plastic Chains Conveyor Belting ManufacturerAs being reputed manufacturer and supplier of best conveyor systems, we bring forth plastic chains conveyor belting for specific need of operations of varied industries. It is also highly preferred for food processing, packaging and transporting functions.

Basic structure is modified as per demand of the application. Different kinds of materials are used to fabricate plastic chain. Material of construction is used by considering application area of the conveyor belting. It can be configured with suitable chain according to need of operation. Temperature is also important factor to be considered for the construction material of chain.

Plastic conveyor chain is made from joined the similar modular injection molded parts. Several criteria of reliable and economic conveying are properly fitted to plastic conveyor chain and it is highly demanding for so many industrial applications. It is exclusively used for food and beverages.

It s made by join from similar plastic injection molded parts. It offers least friction for the operation. Self lubrication helps to enhance productivity and decrease the maintenance. It is made chemical resistant and flame retardant. It can be also configured for high temperature applications.