High Temperature Conveyor Belting

High Temperature Conveyor Belt ManufacturerWe have developed a large series of high temperature conveyor belting with advanced belt design. Virgin PTFE and best quality fiberglass is used for the manufacturing of heat resistant conveyor belts.

Each and every component and all joints are designed considering thermal expansion and other effect of heat. Good heat resistance is got by applying proper material for components.

It is made as per international conditions and norms. High precision of designing and construction lead decreased downtime. The overall costing of high temperature conveyor belting is also decreased up to reasonable level due to well organized manufacturing facilities.

It is built by considering durability of belting even after high-temperature applications. When it’s belongs to food processing, hygiene and sanitation is also a significant criteria to be considered.

In order to reduce maintenance cost and time of cleaning, it is brilliantly design to make easy to clean and use. Reducing time and cost of cleaning also help to decrease the cost of conveyor belt.